Unusual Wedding Songs for 2013 (The Top Ten)


You only get one wedding (hopefully!) and so you want to choose a song to make your special day truly perfect, and truly yours! Here is a great collection of unusual wedding songs, to help make your wedding day stand out.

1) Rylynn – Ande McKee (from the album Art of Motion)

(Acoustic / Instrumental) If you love acoustic guitar, you probably already love Ande McKee. Sometimes, pure instrumentals can say more than words every can. Rylynn is an instrumental song that carries love and promise.

2) Desire – Buddha Bar (from the album Buddha Bar II)

(Electronic / World) This song features a duet with Deepak Chopra and Demi Moore. It’s totally unique and is perfect for a wedding with a spiritual slant.

3) Fade Away – Che Fu (from the album Navigator)

(Pop / Funk) Hailing from New Zealand, here is an old favorite of mine! It’s a song about friendship and the journey of life, but most importantly about always being there for each other.

4) Tip of my Tongue – The Civil Wars (from the EP Poison and Wine)

(Folk / Singer/Songwriter) The Civil Wars have to be one of my all-time favorite musical duo’s. Their voices are haunting and in perfect harmony with each other. “You’re my favorite song, always on the Tip of My Tongue”. It’s beautiful writing, enchanting singing and wonderful guitar.

5) You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne (from the album Gossip in the Grain)

(Singer / Songwriter) Ray is one of my favorite male artists at the moment. His voice is powerful and captivating with a warm gentleness that makes his sound truly unique. This song is a celebration of life with the person you love.

6) Better Together – Jack Johnson (from the album In Between Dreams)

(Acoustic / Singer/Songwriter) Getting married in the summer and on the beach? Well, if you’ve chosen that kind of wedding, no doubt you already know exactly who Jack Johnson is. Here is the perfect song to say ‘I do’ to, just before catching the perfect wave.

7) Dance With You – Live (from the album The Distance to Here)

(Rock / Pop) Live have been one of my all-time favorite bands since I was 12 years old. Brilliant both musically and lyrically. Dance With You is a song about finding true love and the way it changes the way we see the world and everything in it.

8) Adventures In Your Own Backyard - Patrick Watson (from the album Adventures In Your Own Backyard)

(Alternative) A song about innocence and adventure. It’s about taking joy in the simple pleasures that live brings us. Patrick Watson has a voice that will have you mesmerised. It’s a great song to walk you down the isle to your next big adventure.

9) I’m Yours – The Script (form the album The Script)

(Rock) It seems to me like some of the best music on the planet comes form Ireland. The Script have an amazing collection of songs behind them. This rock song leans on an almost country sound. The song is about giving everything you have to someone you love.

10) My World – Tim Kay (from the album Known But Not Wanted)

(Rock) I bet you weren’t expecting this one. Tim Kay’s My World is actually best known for featuring as the title track for Jamie Oliver’s ‘At Home with Jamie’ series. It’s a fantastic song in it’s own right though. It’s a song about taking the seasons as they come, letting love blossom and being able to share in the good things in each others worlds.

So! Hopefully I have given you a few ideas to make your wedding day just that little bit more perfect, and a lot more original! Check out the rest of my website to find out more about having a perfect wedding song custom written for you!